About BPC Corporation

Mission Statement

The mission of Cumberland County Bank is to provide and promote quality financial services to the citizens of the Upper Cumberland in a professional manner. We seek to inspire confidence and trust among our clients, our associates, and our stockholders while maintaining a fair profit. We will endeavor to be a good corporate citizen and be supportive of community activities.

The History

The Bank of Monterey opened on October 2, 1901. At the close of business that first day, the Bank showed deposits totaling $2,284.94. In November of the same year, the Bank made its first loan in the amount of $9.50. The Bank has come a long way since that day...

  • 1976 - The organization began its expansion by opening an office in Cookeville and changing its name from the Bank of Monterey to the Bank of Putnam County.
  • 1977 - BPC purchased the Bank of Cookeville, as well as installing its first ATM machine in the Cookeville Mall.
  • 1977 - BPC began offering mortgage services to the people of the Upper Cumberland through our mortgage division known as BPC Mortgage Services.
  • 1980 - BPC Corporation was formed as a bank holding company.
  • 1986 - Cumberland County Bank was acquired and joined the BPC Corporation family.
  • 1987 - BPC expanded its financial services by purchasing Cumberland Mountains Insurance Agency, which is now known as BPC Insurance Services.
  • 1988 - We became one of the first banks in Tennessee to offer in-bank brokerage services by partnering with INVEST Financial Corporation.
  • 1989 - Bank of White County (an office of Bank of Putnam County) was opened in Sparta.
  • 2000 - Bank of Overton County (an office of Bank of Putnam County) was opened in Livingston.
  • 2014 - Bank of Putnam County opened a new branch in Monterey, TN on Stratton Ave.
  • 2015 - Bank of Fentress County (an office of Bank of Putnam County) was opened in Jamestown.

Today BPC Corporation is a financial services company with assets totaling over a half billion dollars. BPC Corporation currently operates 13 full service branches and 2 financial service centers located in Putnam, Cumberland, White, Fentress, and Overton counties.